How does mobile technology help me with daily workflow – part 1

It is well known that we use phones (we don’t even need to name them celular, smartphone or mobile anymore) for different kind of tasks, past time in queues, and mostly whastapping (there is no texting or SMS anymore) and selfing. Come on, every one does some of this one and while, no biggie.
Apart of that I have tried some app sets that let me build some workflows to accomplish very interesting results working together. I’ll show some iOS ones that might have similar Android and Windows apps.
IMG_9731-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG IMG_9734-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG IMG_9738-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG

Take for example some health apps and there are a huge amount of them to be able to list them all. It all started when I got Withings Health Mate blood pressure monitor (BP) device in 2012 which connects via old 30-pin Apple connector (current model is Bluetooth now, way better). It will manage not only you BP history thru the device and manual entrees but allows height, height and sleep measuring with 3rd party apps and devices. For example, it gets calories taken of Runkeeper app and minutes of exercise per period and account for. Runkeeper can have your exercises data pulled from Withings Healthmate and you have a consolidate Cal intake against outtake.

IMG_9741-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG IMG_9742-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG IMG_9743-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG

The third app I use integrated with Healthmate is My Fitness Pal where I register meal’s data like serving size, Cals, vitamins and Proteins. It is a little work to get regular food intake added to the app but when you repeat meal usage in the next few days, you will get suggestions or similar meal.

IMG_9721-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG IMG_9729-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG IMG_9727-2014-07-1-19-41.PNG

So, once you get all added regularly, you can have a good picture of health habits, meal history and some data present to your physician. Does app will not replace their full diagnostics but help provide BP, colesterol intake rate, Cal burn rate and other information. Well, what is next? Apple iOS 8 will have a new set of features these apps can better integrate inside the phone without requiring you to create external accounts to sync data, at the same time it gets standard set of data providers and type. There is huge amount of them to try free and paid with premium services for all. If you have used something similar, other experience, I’d love to hear it.


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